A reserved tiefling following a destined path hidden in the cloak of The Raven Queen.


Little is known of Jack and his past. All the priests and priestesses would tell him is that his mother left him on their front doorstep, the child living but the woman dead. Adhering to the ways of their deity, the followers buried her, raising the child as best they could.

Jack learned the ways of the cleric well, and shortly after showing great promise, he was granted a vision by his goddess. Five individuals would have a great pulling in changing the fate of the world, perhaps for the better. Jack was to seek out these people and protect them at all costs. “Let death take them should it come, but do all you can to prevent this.”

With this strange vision, Jack set out to the town nearest him, a tiny village named Wisdyne, having complete faith in the Raven Queen…


Legend Of The Primordial Essence rageofgaia