Landro Lunabow

An estranged eladrin wizard blissfully ignorant of his role in changing everything.


This character is now a NPC.


Landro’s life is one shrouded by deceit and fear. Born into a well-known merchant family, the Lunabows welcomed their adopted son lovingly, failing to bear children themselves. At an early age, Landro was heavily schooled in religion, though mysteriously they never attended services at the local temple to Ioun. When asked, his parents would dodge the question at all costs.

In his adolescence, Landro delved into the mystic arts, forgoing meeting his parents’ “newest” acquaintances, His several friends, one of which had begun to blossom into a love affair, told rumors of the Lunabows holding rituals for Lolth. Landro brushed it off as stupid rumors until coming home a little early one night from their group’s “magic practice.”

A small crowd armed with pitchforks and torches surrounded his home. The village ran out his family, calling them heretics and traitors to all elven kind. Alone in the Feywild, Landro had ran away from his foster parents, finding his way to a University run by humans and eladrin cooperatively.

Giving only his first name and no family history (since technically he never knew his true parents), Landro enrolled into the University of Arcane Enlightenment. There, he expanded his abilities to incredible heights, pushing the bounds of his spells with the help of his tutors.

Two of his friends had come to the university, yet Landro had to keep hidden, for if he were ever found it would be the end for him. His love was as well enrolled, and though it pained him, he kept his distance. He silently graduated and continued on as a researcher of potions and magical history, particularly tied to a relic called the Sword of Ancients. He spent several decades here until one fateful day when an accidental mixture of two violently unstable potions exploded, causing Landro to suffer a terrible blow to the head.

In the confusion and panic at controlling the magical mess, Landro had stumbled away from the university.He wandered aimlessly through the great forests, unaware of anything happening. He stumbled into a portal forgotten bu his people, tumbling though dimensions and landing in Corellon Forest, surrounded by elves.

Since then, Landro has spent the past seven years roaming the world of Tahoenosis, until finding himself at an inn in a place called Wisdyne…

Landro Lunabow

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