Kaywinnit Gemsparkle

An energetic, headstrong gnome longing to prove herself against the world.


Kaywinnit Gemsparkle (or Kaylee, as she insists), was born to two prominent figures in the United Republic of Gnomeland. Her father, Gimble Gemsparkle, was head of the Department of Gnomeland Security. Her mother, Waywockit Gemsparkle, headmistress of Gnomeland National University. Residing in the capitol, Clearbottle, the Gemsparkle family enjoyed a life and history of prominence and positive reputation. Though early attempts at wizard’s school proved unsuccessful, Kaylee showed a talent for controlling her magic to a degree, allowing her privilege to the sorcerer’s academy.

Growing up, Kaylee showed less control over her magic than initially learned. During her time at the university, a simple dare from a boy that Kaylee liked caused her to ignite a chain reaction of potions and ancient scrolls, destroying nearly half of it in the process. It was an act her own mother couldn’t turn a blind eye to, and so had to tearfully expel her from the university.

If that weren’t enough, Gnomeland Security had taken notice of her destructive capabilities and deemed her a threat to their homeland. With a heavy heart, Gimble had no choice but to ban her from the nation and into the Feywild. Knowing that such a fate would kill her within days, Gimble used his authority to provide an alternative: banishment to the mortal planes, until such a time as she is deemed worthy to return to Clearbottle for her Trial of Initiation Period To Official Position. Feeling sad for leaving home but excited at her new possibilities, Kaylee happily skipped away through the portal and into the mortal plane, arriving at a small village named Wisdyne…

Loves: magic, furry animals, exploration, lollipops and other sugary goods

Fears: bunnies, accidentally hurting loved ones, being trapped/imprisoned

Hates: being bored, reading, vegetables, spiders

Hobbies: playing the lute, magic, drawing, dying clothing (mostly leather)

Kaywinnit Gemsparkle

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