Graven Stonewatcher

A stoic and quiet man who enjoys telling stories, but is otherwise a dwarf among dwarves.


Graven Stonewatcher was born to Eldrid and Arana Stonewatcher in the underground village of Glanbek, near Moradin’s Beard. Founded by their clan bearing the same name several centuries ago, it was beset on all sides by duergar slavers and monsters dwelling deep within forgotten caverns. The Stonewatcher family were charged with keeping the lore and stories alive within their clan, lest they forsake their dwarven ancestors.

Graven enjoyed exploring the local networks of winding tunnels, feeling a strong tie to the body of this world and learning every gem, stone and mineral’s name. When came of age, Graven felt he had to be a rock for his clan to stand fast upon, so that they may all strive, and so took on the mantle of clan warden. He spent much his first years deep in isolation, learning secrets of the bedrock of the world and teaching him to harness the power of the elements.

Shortly after his training, the duergar of the Grimhammer clan began attacking. Recalling the deeds of his ancestor Bergrom “Earthfast” Stonewatcher, who was warlord of the clan during the first duergar attacks, he led his people into battle and were able to drive back the clan after many weeks of bloodshed.

When peace returned to their home, Graven had met a lovely dwarf named Azwynn. They quickly fell in love and married, birthing three sons and a daughter. This peace, however, weakened Graven’s tie to the earth, and a small sadness entered his otherwise euphoric life.

Several decades passed. Glanbek had thought the duergar gone for good. Late one evening, a small party of Grimhammer infiltrators entered the village and attacked Graven’s home. Though the children were able to escape, Azwynn was not so lucky. Graven finished the duergar in a furious rage, but the damage had been done. The sadness in him opened wide to eat all semblence of joy. He took a lock of her late wife’s hair, which he strokes in times of quiet contemplation.

After Azwynn’s death, Graven suddenly retreated deep into the caverns without explanation. There he stayed twenty years, hibernating and connecting to the earth. The earth whispered to him of great things to come, of an evil gathering stronger than anything known in existence. It told of the need of a champion, and that Graven just might be one such champion. He had to leave the safety of the mountains and travel above ground.

Knowing his purpose, Graven left his home to his children and set off to where his clan never dared travel: the surface. With minimum supplies, he traveled through hidden tunnels and returned to the outside, the morning sun hurting his eyes but warming his skin. A bright new chapter had opened for Graven.

Twenty years have now passed since he left Glanbek. He is unsure of his path now, as the earth has given him no more guidance. Still, he remains steadfast that he is here for a reason, and will find it no matter how long it takes him.

Loves: His family, his clan, dark places, stones (both worked and unworked) Hates: Abuse of the natural world, unnecessary violence, liars, destruction (particularly fine art)

Fears: Death or harm to his family and kin, failing the planet, no purpose Hobbies: Masonry, sculpting, cooking, storytelling

Graven Stonewatcher

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