Legend Of The Primordial Essence

A Gathering of WTF Porportions

In a quiet tavern in Wisdyne, a small group of travelers found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. A gnome, a dwarf, an eladrin, and a tiefling sat, drinking or socializing, all complete strangers in the Jolly Crow tavern, when a small band of kobolds attacked. After slaying the monsters, the barkeep, a burly human by the name of Benjamin Hoff, offered them a reward for putting an end to the menace. After interrogating one kobold left alive, the group set off towards the north.

Traveling through the woods, each member introduced themselves, except for the mysterious tiefling. An ambush proved of little success as the party vanquished their foes with ease. One kobold was again spared for a time, a rather…”special” kobold. Soon, the party reached the edge of the woods and saw a stout castle, with banners waving the vicious symbol of Tiamat. After a long stakeout, Graven moved forward and bashed the door open, leading the party into the dungeon below.

A small horde of Kobolds led by a war shaman confronted them throughout the dungeon, but the party stood firm. In the shaman’s chamber, a closed room revealed two more adventurers, a half-elf rogue named Ellamin and a dragonborn ranger named Bashir. Finding a secret passage inside the room, the team descended a platform with strange, almost maddening music to accompany their trip.

Finally they reached the bottom, winding through a tunnel into a cavern that housed a young white dragon! Reacting boldy, the party managed to slay the chromatic beast, claiming its horde as their own. There was also a small parchment rolled up amidst the gold. Unfurling it, the party recognized the symbol of the Primordial Essence, which they all had heard of, just never discussed.

And so, the party moves onward, knowing of a scholar who might be versed in the ancient text written on the parchment…


I’m so glad I didn’t end up becoming dragon munchies, though I did come pretty close (damn blast 5 breath…).

A Gathering of WTF Porportions

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